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5 Reasons To Gift A Promotional Lantern This Season

Let’s face it – weather is unpredictable. Whether you’re in a hurricane hotspot, snowy or tropical climate, there’s a good chance you’ll be without power at some point – even a problem with a power hub or unexpected accident could cause your lights to go for minutes, hours or even days.

While it’s not ideal, it’s always better to be prepared – which is where these promotional lanterns come in. Not only will they shine a little light on your brand message, but they’ll be the first thing your customers and clients reach for when the lights start to flicker. That, though, is just the beginning – these lanterns are the perfect go-to no matter what’s in the forecast. Here’s why these lanterns are a must.

#1. They’re perfect for bad weather
Hurricanes, storms, heavy winds, blizzards – they can all leave you light-less for more time than you’d like. These COB Lanterns are durable, portable and, with three AA batteries (which we’ll even toss in…), they last. When the power goes, these are great to grab. Simply pull up on the handle and the lantern flips right on.

#2. They’ll keep everyone going…
No lights? No problem. This lantern comes complete with a Bluetooth® speaker so you can stream music, podcasts and more with a quick click. No doubt, this entertaining add-on will keep your crew going until the power comes back.

#3. They’re ideal for any emergency
Because these lanterns are so portable, they’re perfect for loading into emergency roadside kits. If you’re ever stuck or stranded, the last thing you want to think about is a heavy, hard-to-hold flashlight – this lantern is the complete opposite. Simply slide, illuminate, hang up or set down where you need light.

It’s not only a great way to help you determine car troubles, with its powerful beam you’ll be spotted in the dark.

#4. They’re perfect in great weather
The reality is, you and everyone on your must-gift list needs a lantern. It’s simply a very useful promo. Whether you’re searching in the back of the closet, heading up into the attic or just taking the garbage out at night, this lantern can easily hang from its metal handles, making carrying easy.

#5. They’re ideal for getting OUT
For camp-goers, these lanterns can’t be beat. Slide the handle to turn on, pop one or two in the middle of your bunk and you’re good to go. And, again, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you’re ready for a PM sing-along or impromptu karaoke competition – winner gets the last S’more.

Watch as Ashley gives you an up close look:

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