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Four Tips To Get Your Promotional Pens Noticed

promotional pensAre you using promotional pens in your marketing? You should be. Seventy-six percent of people consider pens an important, very important or extremely important part of their daily personal activities, according to a recent independent study.

Plus, when you give your customers logo pens, they use them—and often. Thirty-nine percent of people use promo pens 10 times a day and 21% use pens five times a day.

Want to put pens in your customers’ hands? We have four tips to make your promotional pens stand out.

1. Make them doubly useful.

Custom pens aren’t just pens—they can also double as a highlighter, post-it dispenser or stylus. The more versatile your pen, the more likely your customers are to reach for it. It just makes life simpler when a pen serves multiple purposes.


2. Go for quality.

You don’t have to spend big bucks, but you should always give your customers a pen that writes easily and smoothly. Nobody likes to scratch at a piece of paper to get the ink to appear. Give them a great writing experience and they’ll keep your custom pen around.


3. Be bold and bright.

Neons and vibrant hues aren’t suitable for every business, but for most, color is just the thing to get your logo pens to stand out. When everyone else is handing out pens that are black, blue or white, your bright custom pen immediately pops on the desktop or in a drawer.


4. Do something different.

If you typically use straight-sided stick pens (which are well and good!), try using curvy custom pens for a change. They’re just more fun to grab, and plus, a shapely barrel gives a little extra oomph to your logo while providing an ergonomic writing experience for your customers.


Promo know-how tip:

From ink types to imprinting options, you can get your custom pens exactly how you want them from ePromos. Keep reading for four things to know when selecting promotional pens


Promotional Pens Provide A Bang For Your Buck (Or Less)

Think promoting your business has to cost a lot? You can get huge exposure for not a lot of coin by using promotional pens. They’re an effective way to get your logo into your audience’s hands—and for cheap. There are many promo pens under $1, and you can even snag some priced under 25 cents.

Yep, it is possible to give your brand a boost with some loose change. Marketing doesn’t have to bust the budget for it to be effective.

The key to a successful promotion using bargain promotional pens is getting them in front of your target market. You don’t want your pens to be hidden behind a counter or remain packaged in a box. That’s not doing your business any good.

promotional pens

Instead, make your pens visible to your audience. Maybe even consider getting promo gel pens. You want them to notice your discount promotional pens, grab one (or a few) and use them often.

Our client, Crystal Title Agency, a company that provides residential and commercial title and closing services, knows how to take a promotional pen and turn it into a smart, cost-effective marketing tool.

The company is using logo pens in two ways: to boost brand awareness and to promote the business on sales calls.

“The pens were ordered for a street fair. They’re a huge hit,” says Maureen Maher with Crystal Title Agency. “We also will be using them for some of our sales reps to leave with our clients.”

It’s a smart strategy that gets the company’s name in front of thousands of people—and it doesn’t shatter the budget. That’s bang for your buck.

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional pens under $1 can still have that high-end, executive feel—it’s all in the accents. Talk to our Promotions Specialists about achieving the look you want for less.


Custom Pens Can Help Commemorate Special Events


ePromos was pleased to sponsor the United States Army Special Forces Association’s 2012 Convention.

custom pens

Here at ePromos, we love it when custom pens go to work for good causes. That’s why we were happy to donate custom pens for the United States Army Special Forces Association (SFA) Convention earlier this summer.

The SFA celebrated its 60th anniversary with five days of special tributes and events in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We were honored to be a sponsor and provide custom pens to commemorate the big celebration.

Do you have a special event on the horizon? We’d love to help you select some executive pens for the big occasion. Promotional pens are useful, popular and they get passed along, getting your company name and logo some valuable exposure.

Promo know-how tip: Custom pens aren’t just for inexpensive giveaways—they’re also perfectly gift-worthy. Add a custom gift box to elevate the presentation.


What Is Reklamepenner?

Funny you should ask. Reklamepenner is actually Norwegian for “pen with advertising on it,” and apparently they are a popular collector’s item in Norway. For example, check out the this rather impressive collection of promotional pens, I mean, reklamepenner, that occupies an attic. If you can read Norwegian, you can find out more about it here.

reklamepenner attic