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5 Water Safety Promotion Ideas

All over our planet, people enjoy beautiful waters and beaches – canoeing, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, surfing, jet skiing, swimming. Fun on the water is always an amazing adventure; however, remember with sun, sand and surf, you need to be safe on the water and in the water!

You can bet if you are dusting off your flip flops and heading to the water, your customers and employees are doing the same! So, why not give your promotional campaign a water safety refresher? As a business, one of the best things you can do for a customer is to show them that you care about them and their families’ well-being. A gift of safety is a very good reminder of those feelings and a gift for water-front activities is just the ticket because they are appropriate gift all year long.

Security for Customers and Employees

The United States Coast Guard has requirements for safety equipment – basic items crucial in emergencies. However, there is other “equipment” that is not necessarily required by law, but may certainly keep the people we love safe or even save a life on the water. Here are water safety promotional products that should be a part of every adventure on or near the water.

1. Waterproof Cellphone Pouch

Recently, a waterproof promotional product was in the news when two young men called 911 after one of their kayaks sank on Lake Michigan. The call was possible because the cellphone was in a Waterproof Cellphone Pouch. Help arrived soon after the call and the young men were rescued. Many items you bring to the waterfront, besides your cellphone, need to stay dry. Giving a useful gift such as a Waterproof Dry Sack will keep towels, clothes, documents and cameras safe from the water. You can start your summer promotion off right with these perfect ideas for attracting customers.

Waterproof Pouch

PVC Custom Waterproof Pouch


2. Safety Whistle

Another personal safety tool that is simple and extremely reliable is a safety whistle. The U.S. Coast Guard regulations state that if a paddle board is operated outside a surfing, swimming or bathing areas, they are “vessels” and operators must have a life jacket and a whistle. A safety whistle is an effective way for customers to be listening to your promotion while making sure they are heard in case of an emergency or to warn boaters in the vicinity. Whistles fit into any type of budget and could be the perfect choice for your customers. In addition, to stay legal on the water, the U.S. Coast Guard regulations state that if you’re on the water after sunset, you need to have a flashlight, or similar lighting device.

Safety Whistle

3-Tone Plastic Custom Safety Whistle


3. First Aid Kit

Safety also includes being able to easily handle small injuries, scrapes and cuts with the help of a first aid kit. Gauze, bandages, tweezers and antiseptic should make the trip every time you venture to the beach. So, if you’re looking for an easy gift appropriate for water safety and more – problem solved! This is an affordable idea with a collection of protection that can be found in a variety of first aid kits customized with your logo.

Functional Promotional First Aid Kit

Functional Promotional First Aid Kit


4. Sun Protection

Fun on the water usually means sunshine. Too much sun can result in a painful sunburn or lead to more serious health issues including premature aging, eye damage and skin cancer. More than one million cases of skin cancer are reported in the United States each year. Your customers are free to enjoy time in the sun because you are helping to protect them from overexposure with a variety of carefully chosen giveaway ideas including: SPF30 sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, baseball caps, bucket hats and also UV protection/performance clothing.

Full Color Flavored Custom Lip Balm – SPF 15


Keeping your eyes safe from the sun is important. The bright summer sun is a great time to bring out summer promo gear to protect your customers! Shield your customer’s eyes from harmful rays, whether they are on a summer vacation or simply spending the day in a boat. Give sunglasses away as a picnic favor, inside a summer festival gift bag or at a sporting event. Or, how about the wide canopy of an umbrella to keep away from the sun at a golf event, celebrity baseball game or field day excursion.

Gradient Tinted Lenses Custom Sunglasses

Gradient Tinted Lenses Custom Sunglasses


5. Water

Sometimes safety is as simple as staying hydrated. When it’s warm, people head outdoors to enjoy the weather. Dehydration can creep up quickly on hot days full of fun and action. Giving away water bottles will be a simple reminder to stay safe during outdoor activities. Drinkware is a practical and durable safety gift that will be used by customers and seen for months, providing you with repeated brand exposure.

Matte Double Wall Custom Tumbler w/ Straw - 16 oz.

Matte Double Wall Custom Tumbler w/ Straw – 16 oz.


These innovative products are simple and effective, plus they are an amazing way to show your appreciation for customers and employees. Wherever there is water and recreation, your brand will be in front of people who are in “enjoyment mode”…the perfect way to positively connect with your target audience with greater impact.



One Simple Way To Turn Custom Water Bottles Into A Powerful Promotion

Custom water bottles aren’t just great giveaways – they’re vessels for full-fledged marketing promotions. The reason? All that space on the inside. You can insert coupons, business cards, invitations, contest details – anything you want to promote. You can even insert smaller promo items such as lip balm, pens or keychains.

By making use of a water bottle’s ability to hold something, you’re elevating it from a basic giveaway to a potentially amazing promotion.

At ePromos, we love calling attention to businesses that creatively use promotional products. Hickory & Tweed is a great example. The premier ski and cycle shop in Armonk, New York, handed out promotional water bottles at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show Road Race last month.

But the shop didn’t settle for simply adding its logo and handing out the bottles. It printed a coupon with an expiration date to place inside the water bottles. Hickory & Tweed used the opposite side of the coupon for general branding and a congratulatory note to runners.

When recipients open the bottle, they have no choice but to take out the coupon. Hickory & Tweed offered a 10% discount on all bike-related items. Whether your offer is a percent-off discount or a freebie (free appetizer, free upgrade – whatever works for your business), your audience comes in direct contact with it. There’s no chance of the marketing offer not being seen.

No wonder the shop has been so well-known in the Westchester and Fairfield counties and the New York City metro area for more than 50 years. It gets how to maximize promo giveaways.

Many marketers just give out promotional items and don’t take time to think about how to turn them into a promo success. With water bottles, it’s simple: Fill them up.

custom water bottle

It’s a double gift: a water bottle and a discount


custom logo water bottle

Hickory & Tweed offered a note of congratulations on the flip side of the coupon


promotional water bottle

A crisp, clean imprint along with the shop’s phone number



You Know Those Bobble Bottles? Get Them Customized With Your Logo.

Bobble bottles have been making a splash, getting coverage in news outlets ranging from the TODAY Show to In Style magazine. People simply love these colorful, reusable water bottles that filter as you drink.

Put your logo on a Bobble, and you have a brilliant marketing tool. Customers can enjoy crisp, clean water straight from the tap, and your company gets the exposure every time they use the Bobble.

Plus, there’s the eco-friendly element that always piques everyone’s interest. The plastic used to make the Bobble itself is made from recycled materials, and it’s BPA-free. The filter, which is the equivalent of 300 water bottles, is made from activated charcoal with a slight electro-positive charge, removing impurities as water passes through.

The result? The pure, natural taste of water – no chlorine, hard metals, contaminants or funky flavors.

Custom Bobble drinkware is offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to perfectly fit your promotional campaign.

Bobble imprinted sports bottle - 18.5 oz

The Bobble Filtered Imprinted Sports Bottle – 18.5 oz. is the original fan favorite. It features a customizable non-slip band for easy carrying.


Bobble imprinted sports bottle - 24 oz.

The Bobble Filtered Imprinted Sports Bottle -24 oz. is sporty and easy to use with a soft-touch integrated cap and easy-carry handle. Add your logo to the non-slip band.


Bobble custom pitcher

Designed with a built-in handle and flip-top lid, the Custom Bobble Pitcher is perfect for meeting facilities, hotels, or to use as corporate gifts.


Give your customers a Bobble imprinted with your logo, and it will easily become their go-to water bottle. After all, consumers already know and love the product. And then there’s the obvious fact: Everyone needs H2O. Custom Bobble water bottles refresh your customers and your marketing. You can’t go wrong.


Four Reasons To Promote With Custom Water Bottles

Get your custom water bottles ready – people are guzzling H2O more than any other beverage. Water has knocked soda out of its top spot as the nation’s preferred drink, according to the Associated Press.

promotional water bottlesFor more than 20 years, the fizzy stuff was America’s favorite, with consumption peaking in 1998 at 54 gallons a year for the average American. Water trickled in at second place at 42 gallons a year.

Now, the refreshment tables have turned. Water is a clear favorite, increasing 38% to about 58 gallons a year. Americans only consume about 44 gallons of soda annually.

With the trend of people turning to water to quench their thirst, smart marketers are turning to custom water bottles to promote their businesses. Here are four reasons why:

1. They’re useful to your customers.

It doesn’t get easier than promotional water bottles. Customers can take them straight to the tap – and then anywhere they go. They’re reusable, portable, and they satisfy the basic need for water. Everybody loves a freebie – especially when they serve such a natural purpose.

2. They promote a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking water isn’t just good for the body – it’s essential for life. Make it easy for customers to stay hydrated (and show that you care about more than just your company’s bottom line) by giving out water bottles they can fill up with the cold stuff.

3. Water bottles make your brand look good.

Whether it’s a neon promotional sports bottle or a classy stainless steel water bottle, it makes your brand distinctive, unique and memorable. Your brand also scores on an eco-friendly level. You’re giving your customers something they can use again and again, eliminating the need for disposable drinkware.

4. They get your logo seen everywhere.

At the office, at the gym, in the car, running errands – promotional water bottles travel wherever your customers go. That means people are exposed to your brand everywhere.

Take a look around. No doubt, people are sipping from something. Water bottles, just like phones, are a required accessory – people don’t go anywhere without them. Add your logo, and you have a smart, functional promotional gift that gets your brand repeated exposure.

Promo know-how tip:

The material of your promotional water bottles impacts the overall feel of your campaign. For example, stainless steel water bottles have a higher-end feel, while bright plastic water bottles are sporty and fun. Let our Brand Consultants help you find the right style for your brand and campaign.


Custom Water Bottles: Always A Coveted Giveaway

Custom water bottles make excellent gifts for staff, and they’re also sought-after giveaways at conferences. People love receiving custom water bottles because they can use them anywhere: at home, at the office, on their commute.

custom water bottle

Custom water bottles are also an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups, which is exactly why they made perfect giveaways for our client, Robert N. Hartsell, P.A. His law firm, which focuses on providing exceptional representation to the environmental community in South Florida, is committed to a sustainable practice.

When he came to ePromos seeking promotional giveaways for a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, we just knew: It had to be eco-friendly drinkware.

With an audience of about 200 affiliate members and attorneys who belong to the Florida bar, custom water bottles were just the thing to bring attention to the firm.

These promotional tumblers, made of lightweight aluminum, are durable, crack-resistant, 100% recyclable and feature the upscale look and feel of metal, but without the weight. They’re great for outdoor enthusiasts who want to minimize their environmental footprint.

Plus, considering that the law firm’s primary focus is environmental, land use, zoning, permits and everglades restoration law, these custom water bottles were the perfect extension of the firm’s brand.

“Everybody loved the tumblers, especially the children of the attorneys that attended the event. They would take 5-10 bottles at a time and just stockpile them outside the event,” Hartsell says. “The tumblers just had a really great impact. I like that people can use them over and over again, rather than a single-use type of promotion.”

The custom water bottles proved to be a popular, useful giveaway. In fact, one recipient even took one to Montana’s Glacier National Park and sent a picture back to Hartsell.

“Beautiful view, and the park ain’t so bad either,” he jokes.

Promo know-how tip: Look for a way to tie your brand into your promotional giveaway. It should make sense to your recipients that the giveaway came from you.


Custom Water Bottles Make Hyatt’s Housekeeping Staff Happy

Employees are an organization’s most important asset, and Hyatt Regency Atlanta recently showed it with custom water bottles. The luxury hotel wanted to recognize employees during International Housekeeping Week, an annual celebration of the professionals who maintain clean, safe and healthy environments for guests.

Hyatt worked with ePromos earlier this year for custom tote bags for housekeepers to carry their daily supplies, and the hotel turned to us again for a memorable gift.

promotional water bottles

“Our staff has a very physical and strenuous job, and their hard work can be overlooked at times,” explains Travis Brooks, assistant executive housekeeper. “A water bottle is a great gift for a couple of reasons: The water bottle is something that they can utilize each and every day to stay hydrated while at work, and it also serves as a reminder of Housekeeping Week when they were recognized for all of their hard work.”

Everyone was clamoring for these custom water bottles, which went to 150 employees, supervisors and managers.

“Employees who were off work when we originally gave out the water bottles and saw the other staff with them were mobbing me in the office to make sure they got one of their own,” Brooks says. “We also had other non-housekeeping staff at the hotel who saw the bottles asking if they could have one.”

Why were these water bottles so immensely popular? Because they were attractive, well-designed and useful.

Hyatt’s logo is crisp and sharp on the bottles, and the reason for the gift—International Housekeeping Week—is displayed prominently, always reminding recipients that they’re valued and appreciated.

A smart design also plays a role. These custom water bottles feature an ergonomic grip and a flip top, making it convenient for employees to use throughout the day without missing a beat.

“The ladies really like the color and logos—they came out great,” says Brooks. “They also said the bottle has a nice sturdy cap so it won’t spill or leak.”

Hyatt hit the mark exactly when it comes to showing employee appreciation, and Brooks says he couldn’t have been more pleased with the final outcome.

Promo know-how tip: Don’t get so bogged down in day-to-day tasks that you forget to recognize your staff. Our promotions specialists are here to help you find the perfect promotional gift to show appreciation.