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Back to School: Must-Have Safety Items for Students, Teachers, and School Staff...

2020 Back to School

As students return to in-person classes, masks are being added to school supply lists, and schools are scrambling to create a safer learning environment by incorporating healthcare and PPE items into their standard protocol.

Meeting simultaneous needs for safety and education in response to COVID-19 will require creative solutions and broad infrastructural support, but in the short-term, schools can prepare with PPE and other health and safety items for students, teachers, and staff.

Consider the following items to increase safety and help ease some of the added stress accompanying the start of your in-person school year, whenever that may be.

First, the basics

ePromos offers a wide variety of health and safety products that can promote a safer return to school, including thermometers (including no touch thermometers), germ-free tools, health guides, PPE kits and protective equipment such as disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitizers. Let’s explore some of these categories in more detail:

Face masks and shields

Looking to stock up on masks for students or teachers? We’ve got you covered! We offer high-quality, FDA-approved disposable masks in a variety of colors. You can show off your school spirit with pride while practicing safer learning. Grab a package for the whole class with no worry about washing and reusing.

Schools looking for reusable fabric masks have plenty of options, too, many of which are available to customize with your school logo or custom art. Our newest addition is this 5-Day Back-to-School Youth Mask Kit. Packaged in a reflective drawstring backpack, it contains five different colored 2-ply cotton masks so children can wear a different colored mask each school day!

Our Youth mask kit

We know choosing a mask is not easy (check out this piece on adjustability = comfort for one of our top recommendations, or our mask guide for some additional guidance.We also offer reusable masks anti-fog windows, which are ideal for supporting non-verbal communication while staying safe.

As an accompaniment to masks, consider the addition of a face shield, which can be printed with your school’s logo as well.

Sanitizers and cleaning products

There’s no question cleanliness is an even larger priority than usual this back-to-school season. We can cover all your hand sanitizer needs with our automatic hand sanitizer stand, which is perfect for the classroom, hallways, media centers and libraries.

Convenient-sized 8 ounce hand sanitizer bottles , which can be completely customized with school branding, have been extremely popular since they are the perfect size for students and/or teachers to have and keep at their desks.

hand sanitizer with caribeaner

Promotional sanitizer wipes and a travel hand sanitizer (which can be clipped onto backpacks) are great PTA, PTSA or PTO fundraiser options that come in handy in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, and on the bus. Here are some of the benefits of BZK wipes.

Let’s not forget the benefit of good old-fashioned soap! Studies have shown hand washing with soap is effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19, so consider stocking up on branded soap or offering a cleansing gift set as a welcome-back gifts for hard-working teachers and staff.

The Power of Kits

With gifts in mind, kits are a fun and popular choice. When it comes to PPE, the right branded kit can be a great way to get everything a student, teacher, or school employee needs as they return to the classroom.

In addition to our youth mask kit, Our On-The-Go Wellness Kit features a reusable cotton mask, a disposable mask, vinyl gloves, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer, all in a reusable pouch. The Protection-On-The-Go Kit comes in a branded waist pack for easy carrying, especially for younger students, and includes hand sanitizer gel, nitrile gloves, a non-woven face mask, and a stylus pen for touch-free screen use.

Our on-the-go kit

We offer a variety of other kit options, and our knowledgeable team can also help you build a custom solution that meets your specific requirements for the new school year.

More PTA Fundraiser Ideas

We also offer unique products and solutions you may not have thought of, such as customizable headbands that can keep masks from slipping, custom ear-saver mask holders, and lanyard mask holders. Parents love these items since they provide added comfort, help students keep track of their personal-use items, and avoid touching their faces unnecessarily throughout the day. Another cute idea to give to elementary incoming students is a coloring book to help them learn about germs and the importance of good hygiene practices.

Germ free coloring book and mask holder

We see how hard teachers, staff, administrators, and families are working toward a safer return to school this season, and we hope some of these PPE items and other products can help ease the strain of this unprecedented time.

We also realize the needs and requirements of specific schools, districts, and students will vary widely. If your school needs a product that isn’t listed here, please contact us – the ideas above are just a snapshot of what we can offer, and our expert team is ready to talk through how we can help make this a safe school year.