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Promotional Ice Cream: Blitzburgh Crunch!

I was doing some grocery shopping last night when this interesting promotional food product caught my eye. At ePromos, we do everything from promotional popcorn to custom chocolate.

I live in central Pennsylvania, and as you might expect most of the state is going crazy about the Steelers’ 8th Super Bowl appearance. Well it looks like Turkey Hill found a way to capitalize on the buzz and excitement surrounding the big game with a special edition ice cream flavor – Blitzburgh Crunch.

promotional food item

According to the Turkey Hill web site, Blitzburgh Crunch is “sweet cream vanilla ice cream (uniquely shaded in Steelers’ gold) with chocolate cake crunchies and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl.”

As you can see, Turkey Hill isn’t exactly blazing new trails in the flavor department – but they are doing a great job of working with the promotional opportunities available to them. This product is all about using eye-catching branding designed for a specific targeted audience and specific period of time.

The lesson here is: If you’re trying to boost sales, don’t reinvent the wheel. Work instead to identify high-visibility promotional opportunities (like the Super Bowl) that can draw some natural attention to your brand with a relevant tie-in.

custom ice cream

There are tons of these types of opportunities out there, and a good marketer never lets them go to waste!