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Sun Microsystems New Hire Kit

A very happy new hire at Sun Microsystems posted some photos of the welcome kit he got on flickr. In many ways, the kit is very similar to one we did for Earthlink. In particular, it was sent to the new hire at their home, before they started work. If you’re going to do a new hire kit, why not go the extra mile and make them feel great about their career choice BEFORE they have a chance to be apprehensive about their first day! As any good new hire welcome gift should, the kit had a personal message about the values of the company. Here’s what the recipient had to say about the kit:

A nice gesture – I really liked this welcome card. “Sun has a unique culture and flexible work environment where you can learn, grow your career, work on cool projects, and balance your personal and professional life.”

The small paper sheet inside is interesting – the Sun logo is embossed in it: “This paper is handmade with 100% biodegradable and recycled fibers. When you wet it and plant it in soil, it will grow lavender flowers.”

Would you like your new hires to feel that way when they come in to the office on their first day? I hope so.

sun-new-employee kit