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Subaru Targets Off-Road Customers With A Special Custom Dartboard

Take a look at this cool custom dartboard that was sent as a gift to select owners of Subaru’s off-road vehicles. The dartboard is designed to look like the topographic contour lines of a mountain, with each elevation indicating a new scoring section. The peak of the mountain is the board’s bullseye, and it’s imprinted with the tagline “Target the top!” Each board also comes with a trio of darts emblazoned with the Subaru logo.

This promotional game does a great job of catering to an adventurous off-roading audience with a design they can relate to, and it shows that the Subaru brand is all about having fun. Plus, since the gift is so unique and targeted, customers get the impression that they are working with a company that really understands them and their all-wheel-drive lifestyle!

But it’s not only existing customers that Subaru is targeting with this gift. This is exactly the kind of fun, interesting thing that people love to hang in their homes and offices, so you know Subaru is getting plenty of brand exposure. It also goes to show that custom corporate gifts continue to be an excellent way to strengthen relationships between a brand and its consumers. With a little creativity, it’s easy to find something targeted and relevant to your audience, instead of relying on generic TV, radio, or print promotions.

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Political Promos: Ron Paul Custom Action Figures

If there’s anybody that loves promotional products, it’s our country’s politicians. For years they’ve branded bumper stickers, buttons, shirts, banners, flags, yard signs, and just about anything else they can fit their names on. But some candidates, like Ron Paul in this example, take promotional merchandise to the next level!

Ron Paul’s Revolution PAC announced yesterday a line of collectible action figures bearing the likeness of the Republican presidential candidate. These limited edition custom toys stand 12″ tall and come in two styles: “Commander-In Chief Paul” comes with a sharp suit and mini U.S. constitution; “Super Hero Paul” is clothed in a stylish cape. Both figures speak a message and come with a price tag of $94.95.

Regardless of your personal politics you have to give credit to the creative brains behind these instant classic political promos. Although they aren’t cheap they are sure to be in high demand among vocal supporters, and they even create an opportunity for Ron Paul’s campaign team take a jab at the other candidates: “This is the only way that Ron Paul can be bought,” says Revolution PAC chair Gary Franch.