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Why Custom Post-it Notes Are Great Tradeshow Giveaways

Tradeshow exhibitors know: To get booth traffic, you need the right giveaways. Custom Post-it notes are a perfect way to draw people over. Everybody can use them, and they’re easily pocketed or slipped in a swag bag.

If attendees don’t find value in a tradeshow giveaway, they won’t use it. And if it’s too cumbersome to tote around the event, they won’t even pick it up.

custom post-it notesLogo sticky notes are tried-and-true promotional items, and they’re ideal for getting your message out to tradeshow attendees. Using imprinted post-it notes as a promotional giveaway will be sure to resonate well with almost any target audience.

Our client, Paris Healthcare Linen Services, a textile services company, loves the exposure it gets from distributing notepads at tradeshows.

“They help us promote our company message at well-attended vendor tradeshows,” says Paris’ Summer Anderson. “They’re perfect for our event.”

The Post-it notes aren’t just used at the tradeshow booth – they’ve become favorites around the office, too. Employees even bring them along when visiting customers on-site.

“We hand them out to our customers’ employees, our own employees and higher management officials,” Anderson says. “They are well-liked by those at our company and the customers who receive them. You can never go wrong with Post-its, and we know that they will be put to good use.”

Hand out a product such as BIC promotional sticky notes at your tradeshow giveaway booth, and as Anderson can attest, they’ll get your company name continued, long-lasting exposure.

Promo know-how tip:

Increase the impact of your custom Post-it notes by using a full-color imprint or adding a phantom imprint. Let our Brand Consultants walk you through all the options.


How To Be Strategic With Your Tradeshow Giveaways

How much thought do you give your tradeshow giveaways? When you’re an exhibitor, they’re a critical component of whether the tradeshow is a success or a flop. Attendees are busy, and if you want to stand out, you must have a strategy with your tradeshow items.

Take a look at what our client, Imagine Software, is doing at the SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference in Las Vegas this week.

The tradeshow, which is billed as the top event for the alternative investment industry, is a huge opportunity for Imagine Software to reach investors, asset allocators, managers and others in its target market.

Here’s how Imagine Software developed a strategy for its tradeshow giveaways – and how you ctraaan, too.

custom flashlightBe selective.

Don’t just go with the first promotional products that come to mind—gather your team and discuss. James Wells, marketing communication manager for Imagine Software, says it was a process. “I came up with several different price points and presented to my team,” he says. “We made our decision after looking at samples.”

Know who you’re targeting.

Different tradeshow giveaways appeal to different audiences. For Imagine Software, padfolios and flashlights were useful and compelling to investors and others at the SALT Conference.

Offer more than one tradeshow item.

If you only have one giveaway, it gets old. Fast. Keep things interesting and get your brand the extra exposure by handing out a variety of tradeshow giveaways. Consider offering items at different price points depending on the conversations you have.

promo padfolioGet the most mileage out of your giveaways.

Items such as padfolios are perfect for inserting printed collateral: press releases, white papers, sales sheets. Imagine Software has given away padfolios at two different events and inserted press releases and articles inside. “It’s worked out very well giving out a piece of content along with a promotional item,” says Wells.

Hand out tradeshow giveaways people actually want.

Wells understands the golden rule for tradeshow giveaways: Give out cool stuff. “You have to have something at the booth to draw people over,” he says. “We wanted something that would be useful and nice. Everybody needs a custom flashlights. It’s also a bit evocative of shedding light, which we liked.”

Find a promo products company you like.

Don’t put your tradeshow giveaways on the line—work with a promotional products provider that understands your business and can get you the high-quality goods you need. Imagine Software keeps coming back to ePromos for the products and the service. “Kristan [Bullard] is fantastic. She’s always in a terrific mood and willing to help—even with some of our more difficult requests,” Wells says.



Three Tips For Selecting Custom Trade Show Giveaways

If you’re heading to a trade show, you need custom trade show giveaways. They’re a tangible, cost-effective way to get your name in front of your audience—the majority of which are decision makers.

custom trade show giveaways

More than 80% of tradeshow attendees have the authority to influence buying decisions, and more than 50% buy something as a result of attending the show, according to a study from Exhibit Surveys.

Naturally, promotional trade show giveaways are a must. They boost your company’s sales and shorten the sales cycle. You can’t afford not to use them. Your competitors certainly will be using them to woo customers and prospects. That’s just the nature of trade shows.

You don’t have to blend in with all the other booths, though. You can stand out and make your company memorable with promotional items.

Follow these three tips when choosing trade show giveaways, and set your company apart at your next event:

1. Choose giveaways that make sense for your brand.   

There are thousands and thousands of promotional products on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re all a great fit for your brand. To maximize the effectiveness of your trade show giveaways, always opt for products that tie in with your brand. People need to make an immediate connection with your company and the giveaway you’ve just placed in their hands. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, logo hand sanitizer makes more sense than a custom lighter. If you’re in the food business, a promotional cooler bag is a better choice than a custom dog leash. Keep your promo items relevant to your brand.


2. Make them appealing.

People flock to promotional items that are attractive, trendy and visually appealing. If they’ve never seen it before and it looks interesting, they’ll want to check it out. Plus, it shines a positive light on your brand when your logo is imprinted on high-quality, well-designed promotional products. Select trade show giveaways that have a natural appeal to your audience, and you’ll create a buzz around your booth.


3. Opt for promo items with a purpose.

Novelty products are fun, but if you want your logo to stick around for the long haul, your trade show giveaways should serve a real purpose for your audience. If attendees see a value in your giveaway, they’ll hold onto it. If not, it will likely end up in the trash; people can only schlep so much stuff at a tradeshow. Make sure your giveaways are useful and fill a universal need, such as custom bags or logo drinkware. Everyone has a need for these items, which makes them more likely to be used.


Promo know-how tip:

Don’t forget about your booth staff—you can maximize your trade show presence by dressing your trade show team in custom shirts or hats. 


Why Custom Printed Lanyards Are A Must At Tradeshows

Does your business have a tradeshow on the horizon? Make sure you have custom printed lanyards ready to distribute. They can increase your visibility on the tradeshow floor, boost your sales leads, and ultimately, create a nice surge in profits.

custom printed lanyardsThink about the last tradeshow you attended. Everybody had personalized lanyards—and for good reason. They’re useful during the show to hold badges and name tags, and they’re handy after the event for holding anything from keys to USBs.

Here’s why you need promotional imprinted lanyards for your next tradeshow:

Attendees are busy.

There’s a lot to cram in at tradeshows, and sometimes, attendees get so consumed with other activities that they forget to stop by your booth. Remind them with logo imprinted lanyards. It’s an in-your-face way to keep your company name in sight, ensuring you don’t get forgotten.

People want something useful.

Custom printed lanyards provide an immediate benefit to recipients. They don’t get stuffed in a bag for later—they get used on the spot. It’s hard to pass up on something that can be used right away.

Countless people see your message.

People go to tradeshows to see cool stuff and, most importantly, to talk business. When attendees are wearing your company’s imprinted lanyards, your logo gets seen during every conversation.

When it comes to making a big impact at tradeshows, it’s hard to beat promotional imprinted lanyards. They’re a practical, highly visible way to promote your company and your booth. Read on for ideas on how to use custom printed lanyards.

Promo know-how tip:

Make your custom printed lanyards more exciting by adding a coupon, special offer or even custom candy to the lanyard’s badge holder.


Tradeshow Season is Here: 3 Tips To Make Your Next Event a Success!

Tradeshow season is here, and that means its time to start planning and strategizing for your next event! Industry trade fairs provide incredible opportunities for networking, lead generation, competitor research, and more. Keep these simple tips in mind to help you prepare for a successful presence at your next show:

Don’t neglect your booth’s appearance! Nothing is sadder than a tradeshow booth that consists of a plastic folding table and a few ratty chairs someone dug out of their basement 20 minutes before the show. It’s important to create a space that looks inviting, friendly, and professional. This can be easily done on a budget by investing in some logo table skirts and a custom booth sign or two. While you’re at it, make sure your booth team looks professional too – they are a reflection of your company’s image. A couple of embroidered polo shirts ought to do the trick!

Have plenty of tradeshow freebies on hand! Tradeshow giveaways are the most looked-forward-to part of any event. Make sure to capitalize on their popularity and effectiveness by stocking up on unique items that will help you achieve your goals for the show. Whether you want to attract more traffic to your display, make sure people remember your company after the show, or just increase brand exposure and awareness, tradeshow freebies are the way to go! Looking for some items people are guaranteed to love? Check out our Top 10 Tradeshow list – all of the best-selling giveaways and show supplies in one convenient list!

Do some lead follow-up BEFORE the show! Get the most out of your presence at the tradeshow by speaking with leads beforehand and letting them know where you’ll be. Writing a personalized letter and enclosing a small promotional gift is a great way to ensure a positive reaction and high response rates. Even something as simple as a promotional pen can be enough to get leads to pencil in some time to visit your booth! Getting people warmed up before the show starts is a much easier way to work a lead than to start from scratch at the show when time and attention are limited.



Trade Show Participation Up for B-to-B Marketers

According to B to B Magazine, trade show participation is up in the b-to-b sector, averaging 3% growth in exhibit space demand yearly for the last few years. While trade shows took a big hit after 9/11, and businesses have increasingly put more effort into online marketing, trade shows promotion is still an important part of the b-to-b marketing puzzle. According to Michael Hughes, associate publisher and director of research services at Tradeshow Week, “Both buyers and sellers highly value face-to-face interaction, especially as online media expands rapidly. More and more corporate buyers need to see the people behind the brand before they buy, and shows offer the most efficient way to compare companies and their teams.” Likewise, trade show giveaways and promotional products are also experiencing rapid growth because they offer a tangible branding experience in the offline world.