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Under $1 – Big Impact at Low Cost

While it may feel like you can’t get much for $1, reality says otherwise. Because, since day one, we’ve been focused on creating amazing custom promotional items for a fraction of the cost.

These are the must-haves that will help your business gain serious name recognition – and drive serious customer engagement at every meeting, every trade show and every get-together.

These are the products your clients, customers, vendors and employees will use daily – and, each time, be reminded of you and your brand messaging.

And these are the modern promotional classics your contacts will start to associate with you – premiums they’ll not just want and expect when you pop by, but that they’ll share with their peers, colleagues and friends…and maybe even on social media.

Best of all, many of them clock in at well under $1 each. That means you can make a serious impact with your customers without a serious impact to your budget. It’s the ultimate win/win, and it all starts with these high-impact, low-cost premiums.

#1. Colored Sunglasses, $0.76

These super-cool sunglasses hit on two powerhouse trends: they’re sleek, chic and 100% go-anywhere, do-anything shades and they’re made from recycled materials. Bonus.

Beyond the trend-worthiness, these sunglasses also offer UV400 lenses for UVA and UVB protection. Brand the wide temple band and you’ll be front-and-center every time someone slides them on – which, judging from the feedback on these, will be constantly. Choose from 11 colors or mix-and-match so people can pick their fave and you’re ready for any outdoor event – or, simply, to have a perfect premium for the sunnier months.

#2. Water-Resistant Tote, $0.99

The BYOB (bring your own bag) trend is growing by the second. In 2017, for example, just 5% of people brought their own bags to the grocery store. One year later, that number had climbed to 26% and it’s continuing to rise. And this portable, durable, water-resistant tote is perfect for your clients, customers and vendors who want to hop on the sustainability train.

That isn’t the only use for bags like this sub-$1 tote. We love it for the beach, the park, the playground, even the gym. With a flat bottom, it’s easier to fill and tote, and the 13” handle makes it comfortable to carry.

#3. Beach Ball, $0.82

There’s literally nothing that says “Summer” more than these classic beach balls. Made from durable vinyl designed to withstand the sun and sand, these 16” inflatable beach balls include a large printing area for you to tout your message and, even, key info such as your URL and hashtag. Best of all, these are super portable – while they inflate to be the perfect beach or pool go-to, they come deflated so they’re easy to toss in your tote and go.

#4. Color-Changing Cup, $0.91

Not only is this color-changing cup perfect for your next event or summertime get-together, but it’s the perfect promotional premium for customers and clients whether they’re bellied up to the bar with you or not. With a solid 22-ounce capacity, people will love these hold-everything cups – and, as soon as cold liquid hits them, they turn color, no doubt turning heads and driving even more attention to your business.


#5. Luggage Tag with ID Tag, $0.55

Already a Best Value product, these branded luggage tags are perfect, especially as your clients and customers head into the warm weather months – warm weather that’s synonymous with vacations, weekend getaways and other pack-it-up experiences. Now their luggage will never get lost in the shuffle and, with every adventure, your brand will stay top-of-mind.

Pick from eight colors or offer a few so clients can easily differentiate their luggage on those never-ending airport turnstiles…

#6. Webcam Cover, $0.43

When the FBI says it’s time to cover your webcam for “security reasons,”you listen – and, now, millions of Americans are getting in on this added privacy trend. Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam. So does James Comey. And, with these branded webcam covers, your staff, clients, customers and partners will, too.

Not only do these slick-on covers offer a little pop of color (choose from 10 fun hues) but they’re super-functional. When you aren’t using your webcam, slide the cover across the camera. When it’s time to hop on a video call or take a quick pic, slide it open and your webcam is good to go. It’s privacy plus total usability – not to mention the fact that recipients will be looking right at your brand message every time they hop on their computer.

Get in touch to get your summer premiums in motion – for less than $1 per piece!

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