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Fuel the Economy by Purchasing USA-Made Products

The COVID-19 pandemic began as a public health crisis—but now, it’s quickly transforming into an economic crisis for many Americans as well. Between employers cutting hours or being forced to let their workers go, the detrimental economic effects of COVID-19 are touching millions of households in the United States.  

Although we’ve seen record unemployment benefits being applied for as the pandemic spreads, we’ve also seen the economic damage extending to businesses as well. Across the world, shut downs and social distance measures are disrupting supply chains and leaving businesses with no means to manufacture their products.  

Looking on the upside, there are a handful of ways we can help and do our part! Purchasing USA-made products not only keeps American factories and businesses afloat, but it also keeps workers employed so they can support their families. We have compiled a list of our favorite USA-made products you can purchase to help stimulate and support our economy. 

Patriotic Products that can Help Stop the Spread 

As our economy has seen better days, it is important to be reminded of how we can do our part and help be the fuel. The pace at which the economy grows is based on how fast our currency changes hands from producer to consumer within the US. Fortunately, we’ve got a few items in stock that may help keep you properly equipped and safe for the everyday endeavors.  

Face masks are part of nearly everyone’s everyday uniform now, and stores can’t keep them on their shelves—consider stocking up on these 100% USA-made cotton face masks while supplies last.  

Another great option for personal protection with some USA spirit? This American Flag Adjustable Face Mask. The World Health Organization warns that touching your face is one of the main ways you can contract COVID-19, so these masks are perfect for curbing that habit and increasing your chances of staying healthy.  

A Few Work-from-Home Essentials 

If COVID-19 has initiated you into the work-from-home club, you might be lacking a few of the essential office supplies needed to stay productive. Stock up on the following for yourself or send out to your employees to support them as they work remotely. Check out this collection of Products made in the USA to help complete your new home office. 

Working from home has so many possible distractions and interruptions, it can be tough to stay on task and remember every single detail as you did when you were in your former work space, in work mode. But with the help of these Full-Color BiC® Sticky Notes, you won’t forget a thing. Their 3″w x 3″h size is perfect for jotting down small reminders and tasks and sticking them on easy-to-see spots like your desk and computer. Plus, you can imprint them with your company’s logo, and even send them to your employees in a care package. 

Another USA-made product that can help you stay organized while working at home is our Monthly Academic Planner. Each month has a two-page spread and provides plenty of room for writing down meetings, phone calls, and project reminders. The planner comes in fifteen different colors, and you can also imprint your company’s logo on the front and send it out to your employees and clients. 

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to fuel up our economy, our high-tech Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook provides an eco-friendly, innovative way to jot down all your ideas without paper. It comes with thirty-six reusable pages that can be wiped clean with the included cloth. Once you take your notes, download the Rocketbook App, scan your notes, and send them to be stored safely in the cloud on Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Welcome to the future of taking notes. 

If you’re looking for more products to purchase to support the American economy, browse our full inventory of USA-made products here. We have nearly 1,300 products you can purchase for yourself, your employees, or your clients that will not only be incredibly useful on a day-to-day basis but will also serve a bigger purpose during this pandemic.  

For Patriotic products, not necessarily made in the USA, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Our team is standing by to ensure you have the products and information you need to keep your business running forward. 


The Best American-Made Promotional Products

updated March 31, 2019

Buying products made in the USA is not only a smart move for the American economy; it’s also a smart move for your marketing plan. We all know that purchasing American-made products supports the creation and security of U.S. jobs. But did you know that your customers actually crave these items too?

People are increasingly seeking out made-in-the-USA, tariff-free items. It’s not just patriotism or the desire for safe products – it’s to support the U.S. economy.

According to a recent study, almost 80% of adults in America prefer to buy American-made products when faced with the choice. A 2017 survey by Reuters and Ipsos found that 70% of Americans polled thought it was “very important” or “somewhat important” to buy products made in the USA. Over 60% of consumers are even willing to pay more for domestically-produced products in an effort to keep jobs in America.

Things to Consider with American-Made Promotional Products

As with any promotional product purchase, it’s critical to consider your audience. Who are you marketing to? Is an American-made product a selling point for them? Will it make an impact?

The latest data from YouGov shows that older Americans are more inclined to prefer American-made products than younger Americans. The survey showed that 89% of those aged 65+ and 84% aged 50-64 prefer goods made in the USA. So if your target audience is over the age of 50, American-made promotional products are more likely to hit home.

Special events are another driving force to consider with promotional products that are made in the USA. For example, if you’re picking out giveaways for a 4th of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day event, American-made may be a better option to show your patriotism at the event.

However, it’s always important to be consistent with your brand to make sure these items fit with your business. If you don’t sell anything made in the USA or use domestically-sourced materials it doesn’t make much sense to call out an American-made promotional product. That’s not to say you can’t still benefit from the quality and popularity of these items – simply that there is no need to use to the fact that they are made in America as a selling point.

The Best American-Made Promotional Products

From housewares to toys, Americans are making the shift to American-made products. What does this mean for marketers? It means that made-in-the-USA promotional items resonate with your customers. They’ll be receptive to your message, and you’ll get positive PR for handing out promotional products made right here in the USA.

Your marketing options are as wide as the Texas sky. ePromos offers more than 1,500 American-made promotional products as low as 10 cents apiece. With a little promo know-how from our Brand Consultants, you can create an all-American promotion that’s all good for your business.

Here’s a look at some of the best American-made promotional products:

promotional tumbler

Your logo is embroidered on a patch, placed between the walls of this BPA-Free Tritan Promotional Tumbler with straw, and ultrasonically sealed for double-wall insulation for a promotion to last.

promotional lip balm

Hand out FlavorMania Promotional Lip Balm instead of business cards. Featuring vivid, full-color printing, they’re offered in tempting flavors such as green tea & mint chocolate chip.

promotional flyers

Flip over the Plastic Promotional Flyer, add a paper plate, and you have a unique giveaway at company picnics. Or give them out at any outdoor event – everybody loves a fun game of Frisbee

personalized clips

Get your Budget Value Personalized Clips in 33 solid or translucent colors for a high-visibility, low-cost promotion. Add a magnetic backing to double its functionality and make a lasting impression.

reusable grocery tote blue

High-quality, reusable grocery bags are growing in popularity with more areas banning the use of plastic shopping bags. Remind customers of your brand every time they hit the grocery store.

American-made promotional t-shirt

American-made apparel is always a valued promotional item. With superior screen printing and safe materials, the Fine Jersey T-Shirt will turn your customers into walking billboards for your brand.

Union-Made Promotional Products

While American-made and union-made promotional products often get grouped together, they are not, in fact, one in the same. American-made items are produced specifically in the U.S. while union-made items may be produced overseas by union workers.

Factories that treat their workers fairly and provide safe working environments are another component to consider when shopping for promotional products. Americans often value union-made items for the peace of mind that the people who produced these items were protected by union-standard conditions.

Made-in-the-USA and union-made promotional products will almost always strike a chord with your customers. Not only do these items tend to be of superior quality and craftsmanship, but they also help boost the U.S. economy, which to most Americans is superior in and of itself.

Check out our full collection of American-made promotional products on our website, or or get in touch today!