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Schwag Trends

Google Trends allows users to view relative trends in search popularity for different terms. I was trying it out on the term “schwag” and it generated this graph:

schwag trends

My guess would be that the increase in searches for the term schwag coincided with the launch of Valley Schwag.


Valley Schwag 3

Valley Schwag 3 was sent out recently, so flickr is chock-full of photos of this month’s schwag. It seems like it’s even more popular than when we first mentioned Valley Schwag here. Will we look back on it as an example of the execesses of the second Internet boom? As I write this, I just realized I’m wearing a promotional t-shirt from the first Internet boom. I’m not sure what that signifies. Perhaps that Internet booms come and go, but you’re always going to need a clean t-shirt.
valley-schwag 3