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Say “I Do” To These 10 Creative Wedding Favors


When you’re getting married, all you need is love … and some unforgettable wedding favors.

Giving guests a token of appreciation for attending your big day is an age-old tradition – and it continues to evolve. Some couples opt for elaborate gifts while others choose inexpensive items with a personal twist.

Most couples, according to TheKnot.com, spend about $280 on wedding favors and have them ready to go about two months before the event.

Still haven’t committed to the perfect favors for your wedding?

Check out our wedding Pinterest board. It’s brimming with creative ideas for guests, the bridal party, attendants, family, and anybody else you want to recognize.

We’ve also pinpointed 10 memorable favor ideas right here – whether you’re seeking classic giveaways or something modern and fresh.

1. Custom picture frames

custom picture frame

Will there be a photo booth at your wedding? Here’s a fun idea: a custom picture frame designed specifically for photo booth photo strips. (Priced as low as $0.85)


 2. Mason jar-inspired custom drinkware

custom mason jar

Add some down-home flair to place settings with glass Mason jar-style tumblers. Each one includes a gift box. (Priced as low as $2.75)


3. Chocolate-covered Oreo custom cookies

custom cookies

If Jordan almonds aren’t your style, try this gourmet twist on everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie. Each is individually packaged and personalized how you wish: with the bride and groom’s name, wedding date, monogram, or even a wedding logo. (Priced as low as $1.65)


4. Personalized granola bars

custom granola bars

How about an edible favor with a healthy twist? Custom granola bars are the latest trend in wedding edibles, and they’re offered in all sorts of tempting flavors. Cinnamon coffee bean or bacon apples and maple, anyone? (Priced as low as $2.95)


5. Custom bottle openers

custom bottle opener

Give a great big hug – that lasts – to groomsmen, ushers, and other key participants in your wedding. This bear hug custom bottle opener is fun, unique, and a great memento of your big day. (Priced as low as $7.29)


6. Custom cup holders

custom cup holder

Planning a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding with a low-key vibe? Guests will love these plastic cup holders that can be inserted into sand or soil. (Priced as low as $1.79)


7. Custom sunglasses

custom sunglasses

These aren’t just any sunglasses – they’re designed with an integrated bottle opener. For couples who want to show their fun-loving side, this spunky twist on classic shades makes a great favor. (Priced as low as $2.45)


8. Personalized shot glasses

custom shot glasses

Want to get the party started? Hand out personalized shot glasses imprinted with your names and wedding date. Or, an alternative use: add instant ambience to your reception by using them as votive holders. (Priced as low as $1.09)


9. Custom luggage tags

custom luggage tags

Here’s a practical yet creative way to commemorate the day your love took wing. They’re ideal for destination weddings but useful no matter the location of your event. (Priced as low as $0.85)


10. Personalized lollipops

custom lollipop

Add a whimsical touch to your reception with colorful swirl lollipops. They’re individually wrapped and customized on the wrapper or stick. (Priced as low as $2.95)

Want more ideas? Shop ePromos’ full collection of personalized wedding favors.

Photo credit: Grand Velas Riviera Maya via photopin cc