TOP Introduces New Shipping Method: AmazonTote

amazon reusable tote bag customers in and around Seattle now have an interesting new shipping option at their disposal. Instead of being packed in traditional cardboard boxes, standard-sized items can now be delivered in a special imprinted reusable tote bag – the AmazonTote.

Amazon has always paid careful attention to customer feedback regarding their packaging, as any repeat customer can tell you. Each time you order something from Amazon you can expect a follow-up survey that focuses solely on how you felt your items were packaged. Clearly the company places a priority on this aspect of shipping millions of packages each year, and why not? If you can find an eco-friendlier and smarter way to do things, it makes sense to pursue these new ideas.

This latest program is being rolled out in select zip codes in the Seattle area, presumably to gauge interest before expanding it.

Here are the need-to-know details:

  • AmazonTote is a free weekly delivery service that does not require any subscriptions, minimum delivery sizes, or additional shipping fees
  • Customers in select zip codes can choose AmazonTote as a shipping option at check out – all of these items will be delivered in a reusable tote bag, free of charge
  • Million of items are eligible for the AmazonTote program – all items are under 50 lbs
  • All standard-sized items will be delivered in an imprinted tote bag twice per week on a pre-designated “ToteDay”
  • Items too large to fit into sealed tote bags will be delivered to doorsteps in their original packaging and covered in bad weather

And of course, more information about the customized tote bags (this is a promotional products blog, after all):

  • AmazonTotes measure 20-by-14-by-7.5-inches
  • Bags features Velcro fold-down closures
  • Made with “weather-resistant” materials
  • Bags are free to keep, or you can leave them on your doorstep to be picked up by Amazon

It will be interesting to watch how consumers respond to this creative new shipping option. It certainly makes sense if you’re interested in cutting down on cardboard waste.

I’m sure Amazon won’t mind the free advertising they get from their custom logo tote bags either! Stay tuned for further updates and analysis.

For more information about the AmazonTote program, visit the official FAQ page.

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