Blackberry Does Nice Direct Mail Promos, Too!

The Vonage direct mail promo I posted yesterday was pretty great, but so is this one to promote the Blackberry. I think one of the things that has made the Blackberry so successful, particularly in an area where a lot of other manufacturers weren’t able to gain traction, is the actual feel of their product. I think part of why people find a blackberry usable is the feel in the hand and the ergonomics of using it (particularly the scroll wheel). If you manufacture a product, having a custom manufactured stress ball version of it can be a powerful sales tool. When projector manufacturer InFocus came out with a super-compact video projector, we actually created a life-size version of it out of foam to show people just how compact it was and the promo ended up being an incredibly successful sales tool.

blackberry-direct-mail prom

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