Promotional Merchandise: Yahoo Answers Gifts

Yahoo Answers, a popular service that allows users to submit questions and answer other users’ questions just celebrated it’s birthday. As part of their one year anniversary, they are offering promotional gifts to their answerers, and they’ve done a really great job with their gift program. For starters, it’s the perfect service for a gift program because the answerers are really part of a community that enjoys being a part of the service. Likewise, Yahoo Answers really depends on it’s answerers to have a service at all, so Yahoo benefits from rewarding them and giving them a tangible reminder that they are a part of a community. (In fact, while Yahoo Answers has been remarkably successful, Google Answers was recently shut down.) yahoo answers promotional mug

The gifts were determined by the level of participation from the answerers, from stickers and magnets all the way up to mugs, custom embroidered caps and logo fleece jackets. The variety of products allows them to give gifts to the widest possible range of participants, while recognizing the most active ones with more valuable gifts. Although they haven’t committed to doing it again next year, it also gives the Answerers something to work towards for next year.

There are couple other things I liked about this gift program. One is that they have the Answerers log in to give their desired shipping address, which brings them back to the site and cuts down on sending gifts to the wrong place or to Answerers who aren’t interested anymore. Another is that, at each price range, they chose visible gifts, like hats and stickers that will promote the Yahoo Answers service. The answerers who are eligible for gifts and promotional merchandise are also the most likely evangelists for the service, and Yahoo just made it a little easier for them to promote. (via Search Engine Land)

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