Promotional Pins: Google Android Lapel Pins

promotional lapel pins

Is there anything Google isn’t great at?

Every project this company works on is executed at a high-level, and their tradeshow marketing efforts are no exception. At the recent Mobile World Congress event, Google’s collectible custom pins stole the show.

Two Google marketing executives, Doireann Gillan and Anne-Carlijn Reyrink, came up with the brilliant idea. To showcase the global reach of the successful Android OS, 86 commemorative pins were designed to represent the different industries of Android’s official partners.

“Our partners all have different pins, the idea is that if you want to collect them all, you will see all of the companies behind Android,” says Ms. Gillan.

At the event people scrambled to collect as many promotional pins as they could, and proudly displayed their collections on their trade show lanyards and event badges. People bartered, traded, and did what they could to get their hands on pins missing from their collection, and the buzz was strong surrounding rare pins like the Valentine’s Day alien and the Android alien in a test tube.

This is true promotional marketing know-how – take a popular promotional giveaway, and then turn collecting them into a competition by releasing 86 different versions! With such a high level of audience engagement and interaction, its easy to declare this one a resounding success. And with most customized pins priced at less than a buck each, it’s a downright cheap way to bring a flood of consumer and media attention to the brand!

custom trade show pins

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