Promotional USBs: FAQ

promotional usb

Promotional USB drives: They’re small, handy and perfect for passing and storing information. Add your logo, and you have a smart giveaway your customers can use at work and at home. Want some promo know-how on the tiny but mighty promotional USB? Check out this FAQ and click the video below.

1.      What exactly is a promotional USB drive?
It is a solid-state storage medium that reads and writes to flash memory. It combines flash memory with a way to transfer the files stored on it through an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. It’s small, inexpensive and durable. Custom USB drives are most commonly used to transport and store personal files such as documents, pictures and videos. They can be inserted in most any type of computer and accessed in the computer’s files system, making it simple to add or remove files, and then transport in a pocket.

2.      What does USB stand for?
Universal Serial Bus

3.      What are other names for a promotional USB drive?

  • Flash drive
  • Thumb drive
  • Memory stick
  • Pen drive

4.      What are the different styles of custom USB drives?
USB drives come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular style is the swing drive which features a swinging cap closure. Other drives have various caps, some retract, some are built in to shapes, and some are wearable in the form of bracelets. Some come as part of pens hidden in the cap, and there are even eco-friendly styles built from bamboo. The limit is only your imagination.

5.      How long will files last on the promotional USB drive?
Our USB drives have a 10-year shelf life. Most of the USB drives that we sell will be good for 10,000 writes with virtually no limit on the number of reads.

6.      Can the drive be preloaded?
Absolutely! Preloading a drive is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your promotion. The first time your customers use the promotional USB drive, they can see your file in the directory. You can put any file you choose on the drive. When customers click it, they can instantly see the information you want them to have. Our customers appreciate the time and money they save by having us preload their USB drives for them.

7.       What does “plug and play” mean?
The device will not need any configuration or files installed; just plug it in. Your customers will be immediately ready to drag and drop files.

8.      What are the largest promotional USB drives available on the market today?
Flash drives up to 256 GB are available, with plans to release a 2 TB in the near future.

9.      Are there other uses for promotional USBs?
Due to the size, portability, and durability of USB drives, they are used to move files around and for extra storage. Even Xbox 360, PlayStation3, DVD players and DVR devices, and some smartphones have USB ports.

10.  Why does pricing change so much with promotional USBs?
Flash memory is a commodity, and pricing is controlled by global supply and demand.  Case in point: The 2011 earthquake in Japan caused pricing to go up around 30% over one weekend.


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