Sony PS3 Launch: Finding Your Brand Evangelists

Even if you don’t care about Sony releasing its next generation gaming console, the PS3, it does bring up some interesting promotional marketing ideas that are relevant beyond the world of video games. For starters, think about it as an important product launch in a competitive marketplace. Word of mouth, particularly from early adopters, is going to play a huge role in determining the success of the new gaming console, and promotional products are a great way to turn early adopters into brand evangelists. But with millions of video game consoles sold each year, how do you identify the individuals who will have the most impact?

For Sony, it’s easy. They’ve been waiting outside Best Buy for the last 72 hours. I haven’t seen any reports of Sony giving out promos to the folks camped out to get the PS3, and that’s a shame. The brand evangelists for your company may not be lining up to identify themselves, but you can find them, and motivate them: look for your top customers, customers that refer their friends and anyone who blogs about your company and reward them for helping you succeed.

sony-ps3 line

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