Tech That: Grab Bag

Why do tech companies love to use promos? If they’re web-based, it may be just about the closest thing they have to a tangible product. Also, though it does seem a bit ironic, conferences and other events are very important places for tech professionals to connect. Given the importance of early adopters, and the fact that particular areas may have relatively small communities where people are involved and innovating, individuals matter, and promotional products can be a great way of reaching them. To start things off, here are some promos from Search Influence, including both traditional items like promo t-shirts, but also some more unique items, like a printed guide they wrote.

search influence schwag

Here, via Schwag Addict, we have some of those chattering teeth from Big Mouth Media, a classic example of tying in your promo to your company name, which works nicely if your name is Big Mouth.bigmouth media teethCanvas Systems gave out these mint tins. Canvas positions themselves as a green hardware supplier, dealing in used and refurbished equipment. I suppose the mint tin itself is a piece of reusable hardware.canvas systems mint tinI can has cheezburger magnets. Because we’ll never get tired of LOLcats, and because, being on a website, they officially qualify as “tech-related.” But where is the set of alphabet refrigerator magnets with no S, only Z?i can haz cheezburger magnetsDapper gave out this handy credit card USB drive to various schwag fanatics:dapper usb cardDivX apparently gives out notebooks, which is nice, although seemingly unrelated to video codecs:divx promosCompete, an online competitive analysis tool, has created this convenient offline competitive drinking tool:compete pint glassEpisodic helps producers monetize videos on the web. I wonder if they gave away these items all at once, or in installments:episodic promosInternet marketing firm Get Updated gave out these magically expanding wipes, and took full advantage of the full-color, full-bleed package imprinting to create a special offer right on the product:get updated wipesText link broker Linkworth gave out some Sonic Rocks. Although they can get really annoying after prolonged exposure, they are a great way get attention at a trade show or event because they combine motion and sound:linkworth sonic rocksThis embroidered shirt from blogging platform Movable Type shows the hip (pun intended?) new place to embroider a logo subtly, the back of the left hip:movable type hip logoOnward Search Marketing went with the magnifying glass, which I have to say is less and less clever as a search marketing givewaway:onward search magnifying glassOne of the biggest challenges when choosing a giveaway is to find something useful that people don’t already have, that’s nice enough to keep and use but affordable to you. This headphone winder thingy from soloSEO (via pretty much fits the bill. I’m sure not everyone would want it, but many people have headphones and may find it useful:solo seo headphone thingySlifter uses a tape measure to convey their value proposition of measurable mobile marketing, which is a nice tie-in that hasn’t been overdone:slifter carabiner tape measAnd let’s just finish up with a purple cow, or purple steer, I guess, from Steak Media.steakmedia stress ball bullActually, wait, one more thing, some friends from Utterz for the Steak Media bull:utterz stress balls

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