Three Advantages Of Custom USB Drives

custom flash drives

Custom USB drives are becoming as ubiquitous as coffee mugs and pens for many marketers. Nearly everybody uses them. We can spot four at our desk as we’re writing this post. It’s our guess that you have a few stationed at your workspace, too.

Promotional USBs may be small (that’s the point), but they’re mighty marketers. Learn more about custom flash drives, and check out three big reasons you should be using these promotional powerhouses:

1. They’re cost-effective tech giveaways.

Pricing on flash memory is controlled by global supply and demand, and that pricing is about to spike. If you’ve had your eye on promotional USBs, now’s the time to buy. And, hey, as a perk for reading our blog, you’re the first to know about special pricing on some of ePromos’ most popular custom USB drives. We’re keeping this pricing through March 29, so stock up now, and keep reading our blog. You never know when we might give you the skinny on a good deal.

2. They do more than just promote a company name.

You can’t beat the versatility of promotional USB drives. From training documents and sales materials to photos and videos, you can put any kind of information into your audience’s hands. It’s a whole lot more efficient than giving out a huge stack of papers or CDs.

3. They last. And last.

Customize a promo USB drive, and your message will be around for years. Most flash drives are designed to last about 10,000 writes, and some can last a staggering 100,000 writes. As for the number of reads? Virtually limitless.

Promo know-how tip:

Don’t skimp on memory size. There should be enough memory on your promotional USBs to make them useful for recipients. Keep this in mind: A single gigabyte (GB) is good for about 200 songs, 250 10-megapixel pictures or 500 e-books. Work with our Brand Consultants on choosing the right flash drives for your promo. 

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