Use QR Codes At Your Next Tradeshow or Conference!

tradeshow qr codes

As smartphone use continues to grow, QR codes are quickly becoming a marketing tool worthy of your attention. These barcodes have been around for more than 15 years, but up until now haven’t been useful for most businesses.

CEO of ShareSquare Matthias Gallica explains why:

Nearly every year since 1994 has been hyped as the year that QR codes pierce the mainstream, but in 2011 the hubbub is finally reaching a fever pitch. This is thanks to a confluence of factors: Critical mass in smartphone penetration, a large installed base of many barcode-scanning apps, and an approaching social tipping point of awareness.

In other words, QR codes should definitely be considered if you’re looking for ways to drive offline-to-online interactions.

One interesting way to put QR codes to work for your business is to incorporate them into your tradeshow, conference, and event marketing strategies. By imprinting QR codes on promotional products and event literature, you can send visitor traffic to mobile sites that reinforce your message and call to action.

It goes something like this: a visitor approaches your event booth and picks up some tradeshow giveaways and company literature, both of which include your QR code. With their curiosity piqued, people scan the codes using their smartphones and are sent to mobile sites optimized to reinforce your message. These sites can include whatever information you’d like, but are most useful when they drive conversions by encouraging visitors to do things like opt-in to your mailing list, bookmark your website, request more info, etc.

Here are some tips for using QR codes during your next event:

  • Don’t link to websites and landing pages that aren’t optimized for mobile phones. You want the experience to be as user-friendly as possible!
  • To encourage scans, put a call-to-action (i.e. “Scan to Win”) near the QR code wherever you use it.
  • Test scan your QR codes before you print them on thousands of products and handouts!

You can create your QR codes in seconds using this handy online QR code generator.

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