Wii Love Promos

Everyone loves the Nintendo Wii. In fact, it just became the top selling game console, beating out the Playstation 3 and XBox 360. In some ways, the rise of the Wii is pretty amazing. Rather than compete to have the most cutting edge hardware and graphics, Nintendo did something new and focused on fun. They also kept their price lower than the competition even when they were selling out of consoles. I suppose someone who couldn’t get their hands on one could get some console-ation from getting a free Wii hat like this:

wii-baseball cap

The Wii Fit, an add-on for fitness-related games, actually came with a free tote bag and towel:wii-fit-gifts-with purchaseNeed more Wii? Check out this Wii guitar t-shirt, another Wii t-shirt and the very popular Wiichain!

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  1. bill

    ive been sad since PSN is down any current free video game stuff i can get?