Onion Swagology: Resident Evil Sand Ball

resident-evil-sand ball

The Onion passes judgment:

Item: An odd plastic ball full of glittery sand; when one side is up, the sand falls through to the other side to reveal a Vegas landscape and the words “This fall all bets are off.” Turn the ball over again, and the sand falls back to the Vegas side, revealing the black words “Resident Evil Extinction.”

Promoting: Take a wild guess.

Relevance to product promoted: Vegas is in a desert, right? Deserts have sand, right? Okay, we get it. Also, they totally got the name of the movie in there.

Item quality: 3. It’s a useless tchotchke, so film-specific that we can’t pawn it off on Great-Aunt Myrtle and pretend it was a thoughtfully chosen gift. But it is reasonably well-made, and the way the sand falls through the holes to slowly reveal the title, shining up from the remaining glittery sand, is kind of eerie. Wouldn’t work too well on an item promoting, say, Winnie The Pooh: Wonderful Word Adventure, but as zombie-film promo merch goes, this is almost classy.

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