Apple WWDC 2008 Promos

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2008 opens today. Developers from around the world who create software for Apple’s platform will be gathered in San Francisco for the next few days. Not only is it a pretty big event in the tech world, but it’s also the time when one of the world’s biggest brands reaches out to the 5,000 people who, more than anyone else outside the company, are integral to Apple’s success. Here’s a shot of a promotional t-shirt and embroidered computer bag given out at the conference.

At an event like this for any major company, conference gifts are an opportunity to have a positive impact on key supporters. For Apple, a company lucky enough to have thousands of obsessed followers who scrutinize everything they do, it’s also an opportunity to send subtle signals about the things they feel are most significant about the event. In this case, the t-shirt uses iPhone style icons to underscore the probable release of the newest version of their phone software (which will include 3rd party applications by the developers attending), and probably a new version of their phone.

apple-wwdc-2008 promos

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