Comic Con 2011 Swag

Last week Comic Con was held in San Diego, a convention celebrating everything comic books. This annual event is must attend for any comic book enthusiast and any TV network or movie studio rolling out a new project. All the new TV shows, superhero films, and video games are represented, and the best way to get remembered is with promotional giveaways. Here are some of the best promotional products from this year’s Comic Con.

promotional bag giveaway

Tradeshow Tote Bags

Everyone who attended was offered this tote bag by Warner Brothers. The swag bags had different images, including a new Batman video game and TV series like the Big Bang Theory and Green Lantern. What was really cool about these bags was they could also be worn as a backpack. Watch the video below to see some of the other promotional items that were in each bag.


Custom Luggage

promotional luggage giveaway

Want to really stand out at Comic Con? Try giving away something unique and valuable. That’s what ABC’s new show Pan Am did when they gave away these promotional luggage bags. To get the bag, attendants went on a fake Pan Am air plane and were shown a preview of the show. KROQ’s Marc Chambers said, “The bag was so popular the poor women working the booth were bombarded with a crush of people that, at times, security was brought in to disperse. Nevertheless, the damn things were on everybody’s shoulder by the end of the convention.” [Source]

Did you go to Comic Con? We want to hear about the coolest giveaways you received. Comment below or send us pictures on Facebook or Twitter.


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