Event Marketing: Increase Turnout With Creative Invitations

Looking for ways to boost attendance rates at your next event? Here’s a tip: get creative with your event invitations! Tangible event invitations and reminders are more memorable than your everyday print invites, especially if they are relevant to the event itself.

At The Brazilian Motorcycle Fair, the largest motorcycle event in Latin America, this strategy was used to attract more attendees and get them engaged and excited about the show. To create the special invitations, organizers contracted one of the most popular tattoo artists in the country to create three tattoo designs. These designs were used to create temporary tattoos that would serve as admission tickets for the event.

The custom tattoos were sent as part of a direct mail package to the target audience, who had to wear or display their custom ink at the venue entrance in order to get in. To keep things running smoothly, special optical scanners were used to read the tattoos right off of peoples’ skin.

As one event organizer put it, the tattoo invites let “anyone who had the passion for motorcycles running in their blood to also show it on their skin!”

Watch the custom tattoo invitations in action here.

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