QR Codes Prevalent at Promotional Products Show

Last week, ePromos attended the Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Products (UMAPP) show in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a great show, featuring some of our biggest national and regional suppliers. As a distributor, going to these shows gives us an opportunity to see cool new products in the market and which products work well at tradeshow booths. This year we found booths handing out lots of cool items imprinted with quick response (QR) codes.

(To learn more about QR codes, please refer to this earlier post)

One item I picked up was this cube stress ball with a QR code printed on top. Stress balls are always popular promo items, but they are usually round, making it difficult to print a QR code on them. The supplier of this product figured out how to overcome that using square shaped stress balls.

This promotional hand sanitizer is another example of a traditionally round product being modified for QR codes. Hand sanitizer usually comes in a small round bottle, but this flat rectangular container is great for printing. There are many items that are hard to print a QR code on because of their shape. A QR code requires a large and flat surface to print on. Stress balls and hand sanitizer bottles traditionally weren’t designed for this, but with a little creativity, any product can be reshaped for a QR code.

At tradeshows, many booths hand out thick catalogs or flyers. Many people either never look at them again, or don’t accept them because they are already carrying too many things. They also don’t stand out among the other catalogs at every other booth. A company can make a bigger impact at a tradeshow by having a digital catalog and promoting it with a QR code on a promotional giveaway. If the product is unique and useful, tradeshow attendants will take them and scan your QR at the show or at home after the show.

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