Scented Promotion Draws Crowds To State Fair


For the past two weeks, the sweet scent of cotton candy has been wafting through the air in New York and New Jersey. It’s all part of a scent-centric promotion to attract people to State Fair Meadowlands, Jersey’s biggest family fair.

Trucks mounted with billboards bearing the scent of cotton candy have been cruising to malls and shopping centers to advertise the fair. The billboard’s fabric was saturated with the sweet smell, evoking happy memories from state fairs past.

Scent marketing is a clever strategy that can work for your company, too. When you use scented promotional items, they can influence a decision or trigger a memory with your customers. Scented promotional products can also remind your customers of happy times, helping forge an emotional connection with your brand.

State fair organizers were spot-on with this promotion because it struck a chord with fair-goers. The smell of cotton candy no doubt conjures images of ferris wheels and carnival games. It makes people want to attend, which was exactly the goal of this promotion.

The state fair ended last weekend, so the saccharine aroma is gone. Newark is back to smelling like it usually does.

Promo know-how tip: Scent is the most powerful of all the senses, so when you want customers and prospects to sniff out your company, turn to scented promotional products.

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