SES NY 2006: Scarves and SEO Update

I was actually able to find out who was giving away scarves at Search Engine Strategies shows in Chigaco and New York, which I had talked about in a previous post about why scarves can be a good promo for a technology company. I also just noticed that Stephan Spencer thought it was interesting enough to post about the giveaway at the Chicago show on his non-promo-related SEM blog. He mentions that “Omniture gave out their entire stock of 450 scarves within 4 hours to recipients who were required to first sit through a product demo and then hand over a business card. Of those 450 business cards, Omniture got over 300 were leads and 3 of them are expected to sign by the end of the week!” That’s a pretty successful promo, read my original post for more info on why it worked.

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