SES NY 2006: The Goodie Bag Analysis

Here’s a photo of the tote bag given out at the Search Engine Strategies conference and the stuff inside. The trade show tote is pretty much a necessity for any show or conference, and getting your promos in there next to the schedules and guides is a great way to get folks to your booth later. For my thoughts about the items in the tote, read on. sesny2006-tote giveaways

Mousepaper Mousepad: I love these and I always use one at my desk, it’s a mousepad and a notepad all in one!Custom Massager: You can’t tell from this photo, but it looks exactly like their molecule diagram-esque logo.Promotional Compass: I like how they attached it to a flyer. You can’t fit a whole lot of text on a compass, but you can put a lot of text on a flyer and use a compass to get people to look at it.SESNY2006

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