SES San Jose Pre-show Direct Mail from SuperPages

Barry got some pre-show direct mail from SuperPages and blogged about it. I thought this was a great example in a couple ways. First, pre-show direct mail can be a highly effective promotional tool. Engaging them before the show versus competing for their attention at the show is definitely the way to go. Your audience will be coming to the show looking for you (hopefully you’ve also told them exactly where your booth is), and they may have even added you to their schedule.

The execution, as a SES (Search Engine Strategies) survival kit, is also an excellent idea because it increases the likelihood that the recipient will be taking the promotional materials (and the booth location info) to the show. My main criticism? Barry loved the logoed carabiner flashlight and bottle opener, but why not brand all the items in the kit? Promotional hand sanitizer, custom first aid kits and custom mints and gum are all popular promotional items and it would have been easy to kick this kit up a notch by customizing all the items.

superpages-ses-san-jose sch

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