Top 8 Unique Promotional Items To Give Away At A Tradeshow

One of the greatest marketing and networking approaches is the tradeshow. Companies from all over the world gather together at convention to sell their business to the masses. There is one aspect of a tradeshow that attendees look forward to the most: the inevitable booth freebies. Everyone loves free giveaways, and no one expects to leave a tradeshow empty handed.

Having unique promotional items to give away at a tradeshow is an integral part of expanding your brand and making the most of the tradeshow experience. It can be tough to decide which items to invest your capital on with the different promotional choices available. Luckily, ePromos has simplified the selection process by identifying the top unique promotional items.

Get Remembered With Unique Promotional Items

frosted handle custom plastic bag

1. Swag Bag

With all the materials tradeshow vendors give away, attendees will need a way to carry all their corporate swag. A simple frosted handle custom bag will be a much appreciated item. This promotional item is also a strategic marketing tool since other vendors’ items will be hidden inside the bag with your company logo displayed on the outside.






custom lanyard

2. Custom Lanyards

Keep your logo out in the open with a custom lanyard. It is common for tradeshow attendees to be required to wear some form of identifying badge. Having a lanyard displays identification easily, and your brand will be out in the open as people network their way around the floor of the show.







retractable custom badge holder

3. The Name Game

A retractable custom badge holder is another way to put your brand out in the open while helping tradeshow participants show their IDs. An innovative feature of this badge holder is the ability to print ID photos on the underlay of the clip.










Bic Clic Stic promotional pens

4. Write On

Another classic and effective giveaway is the pen. A Bic Clic Stic promotional pen can easily be branded with the logo of your company. Likewise, its product life span continues long after the show, keeping your company’s name at the forefront in the office and at home.







promotional sunblock packets

5. SPF Protection

For summer tradeshow or outdoor events, a SPF 30 sunscreen promotional sunblock packet is a unique way to be remembered. Customize this distinct product with your company’s name or logo.







round custom button

6. Say It With Words

A round custom button adds instant flair to tradeshow attendees. Incorporating a clever image or saying onto the button encourages attendees to place the buttons on bags or clothing, giving your brand extra exposure.





custom gum pack

7. Chew It Up

Combat bad breath and potential sweet cravings with a 12 piece custom chewing gum pack. The sharing mentality means your custom gum pack will be seen by multiple tradeshow guests and beyond.







Top 8 Unique Promotional Items for Tradeshows by ePromos

8. Feel The Energy

A magnetic custom clip is a useful item for reminders, memos, and photos. A common refrigerator item, this memorable giveaway keeps your company’s name or logo alive for years to come.










No matter what you choose to giveaway, make sure you stand out from the crowd and give them something they will use. provides all the options you need for your next tradeshow.



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