Tradeshow Season is Here: 3 Tips To Make Your Next Event a Success!

Tradeshow season is here, and that means its time to start planning and strategizing for your next event! Industry trade fairs provide incredible opportunities for networking, lead generation, competitor research, and more. Keep these simple tips in mind to help you prepare for a successful presence at your next show:

Don’t neglect your booth’s appearance! Nothing is sadder than a tradeshow booth that consists of a plastic folding table and a few ratty chairs someone dug out of their basement 20 minutes before the show. It’s important to create a space that looks inviting, friendly, and professional. This can be easily done on a budget by investing in some logo table skirts and a custom booth sign or two. While you’re at it, make sure your booth team looks professional too – they are a reflection of your company’s image. A couple of embroidered polo shirts ought to do the trick!

Have plenty of tradeshow freebies on hand! Tradeshow giveaways are the most looked-forward-to part of any event. Make sure to capitalize on their popularity and effectiveness by stocking up on unique items that will help you achieve your goals for the show. Whether you want to attract more traffic to your display, make sure people remember your company after the show, or just increase brand exposure and awareness, tradeshow freebies are the way to go! Looking for some items people are guaranteed to love? Check out our Top 10 Tradeshow list – all of the best-selling giveaways and show supplies in one convenient list!

Do some lead follow-up BEFORE the show! Get the most out of your presence at the tradeshow by speaking with leads beforehand and letting them know where you’ll be. Writing a personalized letter and enclosing a small promotional gift is a great way to ensure a positive reaction and high response rates. Even something as simple as a promotional pen can be enough to get leads to pencil in some time to visit your booth! Getting people warmed up before the show starts is a much easier way to work a lead than to start from scratch at the show when time and attention are limited.


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