What Every Conference Needs: Creative Promotional Products

Conference goers have a lot competing for their attention: speakers, workshops, special events, and of course, exhibitors. What do savvy exhibitors know? They need promotional products to draw foot traffic to their space, and they need to use those promotional products creatively in order to engage with attendees.

At last week’s IRCE 2012, the world’s largest e-commerce show, creative promotional products were everywhere. And you can bet our CEO, Jason Robbins, could detect those promotional products from a mile away.

promotional product

Here’s Jason with one of his favorite promotional items: a logo brontosaurus from Bronto Software, an e-mail marketing company. “They gave out logo brontosauri, invited you to take a picture in a photo booth,” he says, “and then with an iPad, you could tweet, post or e-mail the pictures. Plus, booth visitors also got the print-outs.”

Creative promotional product. Creative promotion. Bronto Software knows how to rock a conference with logo items.

Promo know-how tip: If you’re exhibiting at a conference, get your hands on some creative promotional products. They can help you stand out from the pack and engage your audience. Use them at your booth, or enlist staffers to distribute them at entrances to luncheons or workshops.

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