Why Custom Printed Lanyards Are A Must At Tradeshows

Does your business have a tradeshow on the horizon? Make sure you have custom printed lanyards ready to distribute. They can increase your visibility on the tradeshow floor, boost your sales leads, and ultimately, create a nice surge in profits.

custom printed lanyardsThink about the last tradeshow you attended. Everybody had personalized lanyards—and for good reason. They’re useful during the show to hold badges and name tags, and they’re handy after the event for holding anything from keys to USBs.

Here’s why you need promotional imprinted lanyards for your next tradeshow:

Attendees are busy.

There’s a lot to cram in at tradeshows, and sometimes, attendees get so consumed with other activities that they forget to stop by your booth. Remind them with logo imprinted lanyards. It’s an in-your-face way to keep your company name in sight, ensuring you don’t get forgotten.

People want something useful.

Custom printed lanyards provide an immediate benefit to recipients. They don’t get stuffed in a bag for later—they get used on the spot. It’s hard to pass up on something that can be used right away.

Countless people see your message.

People go to tradeshows to see cool stuff and, most importantly, to talk business. When attendees are wearing your company’s imprinted lanyards, your logo gets seen during every conversation.

When it comes to making a big impact at tradeshows, it’s hard to beat promotional imprinted lanyards. They’re a practical, highly visible way to promote your company and your booth. Read on for ideas on how to use custom printed lanyards.

Promo know-how tip:

Make your custom printed lanyards more exciting by adding a coupon, special offer or even custom candy to the lanyard’s badge holder.

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