Yubari City Attempts to Promote Its Way Out of Debt

Yubari City is a Japanese coal mining town with 12,000 residents and $353 million in debt. They went bankrupt in 2007, so they hired an agency and came up with an awesome plan to turn things around:

The city worked with Beacon Communication to promote Yubari, reenergize its citizens, and help make the city economically viable once more. The Beacon creative team focused on the fact that Yubari boasted the lowest divorce rate in the whole of Japan and created the idea, “Yubari, no money but love”, with two mascots, a couple called “Yubari Fusai“. “Fusai” means both “debt” and “married couple” in Japanese.

Genius! And apparently, it is working. With the exposure their campaign created, they’ve attracted 10% more visitors, creating $31 million in additional revenue annually. It looks like Yubari City could be out of debt by the couple’s anniversary! (via The Inspiration Room)

yubari-city promotion

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