Coldplay Uses Custom Wristbands At Concerts

How is British band Coldplay ramping up its concert experience? With custom wristbands that light up in rhythm to the music.

These promotional light-up bracelets are activated using a radio signal, and they’re customized with the Twitter hashtag #coldplayfilm to promote the band’s live DVD.

custom wristbands

When an entire arena is packed with concert-goers wearing these custom wristbands, the place ignites in a multicolored, flashing glow.

Guitarist Johnny Buckland tells Bauer Radio, “It looks amazing, it just makes everyone have a great time, most of all us—and it just feels so magical.”

This luminous promotion comes at a high price, though: an estimated $640,000 per concert. Singer Chris Martin is considering dropping the promotion because of its lofty price tag, the Houston Chronicle reports.

“Most of the money we’re earning on the tour is put into the wristbands,” Martin said. “We have to figure out how to keep it going without going broke because it’s a crucial part of the concert.”

Check out the custom wristbands in action during a concert.

Promo know-how tip: Light-up promotional items, especially when used in large crowds, can help amplify your brand’s message. Use them for nighttime events to maximize their effectiveness and boost that awe factor among your audience.

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