Custom Drinkware Gets A Secret-Agent Twist In Sony Promotion

Anybody see Skyfall, the latest installment of the James Bond franchise? Movie-goers in Sweden got an action-packed start to the film—and it began with custom drinkware.

Sony, one of the movie’s official sponsors, wanted to promote its Xperia smartphone (which happens to be Bond’s waterproof phone of choice). It filled promotional cups with free soda and handed them out to audience members as a nice surprise.

But the surprise wasn’t just a free soft drink—some of the logo cups contained a brand-new Xperia smartphone. Before the previews started rolling, a video popped up on screen, telling unsuspecting movie-goers that if they heard a ringing from their promotional cups, they had just won the Xperia phone inside.

What a clever, secret-agent style way to prove that the phone is waterproof. Some might be skeptical that the phones would still work after being submerged in a syrupy sweet beverage. This was the way to show them otherwise and creatively promote the Sony brand.

It was excellent guerilla marketing for Sony, which has the Xperia all over the movie (talk about great product placement), and aims to express the message: “Even a man working alone needs technology that works together.”

If you ever wondered if promotional drinkware could be exciting, here’s your proof.


Promo know-how tip:

As Sony shows, logo cups are great vehicles for other items. Consider placing custom candy or a promotional t-shirt inside to double your brand exposure.  


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