Give Your Audience What They Want: Grateful Dead Promotional Products

Grateful Dead custom tote bag

Grateful Dead, one of Rolling Stone‘s 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time, is more than a rock legend — it’s a marketing powerhouse.

The band is selling various promotional items online at — everything from custom tote bags and t-shirts to promotional keychains and picture frames.

What a classic example of monetizing and extending a brand. The band continues to rake in money and get exposure because it’s smartly using Grateful Dead promotional products showcasing their logo.

It has a pre-established, loyal audience (hello, Deadheads!), and they’re happy to wear, carry and display promotional products that bear the Grateful Dead name. As a result, the Grateful Dead brand gets continued visibility and growth. That’s some serious promo know-how.

Promo know-how tip: If your company has a dedicated fan base, put your brand to work by selling your audience promotional products.

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