Mad Money Promotional Master Lock

mad money movie promo master lock

Item: A Master lock

Promoting: The Queen Latifah/Katie Holmes/Diane Keaton buddy comedy Mad Money

Relevance to product promoted: Perversely cryptic. The words “Mad Money” don’t appear anywhere on the lock or the packaging. The only indication that this was designed as a Mad Money promo is a tag with the film’s release date (01-18-08), an M on the plastic cube housing the lock, and the tagline “Will They Get Away With It?” Since Mad Money revolves around money-robbing wackiness, locks play a sort of vague conceptual role.

Item quality: 3. The lock itself is a sturdy, no-nonsense theft deterrent, but whatever goodwill it might engender (key word: “might”) is offset by the fact that it’s packed in tiny, clingy fake-money confetti guaranteed to slip out of the box and get into all sorts of annoying, inconvenient places. Do you really want to associate an already-dodgy new film with irritating messes and staticky debris?

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