Potters Promo Pillowcase Hits the Sweet Spot

I’m back for the third time with Harry and the Potters merch, if you haven’t read it, check out Merch Done Right and Wizards Rock the Promo Toothbrush. This time, I’ll explain why this custom pillowcase is a perfect example of hitting the promo sweet spot by combining utility, relevance and novelty.

Utility: A promotional product should have some inherent value, because they are generally seen when they are used.

Relevance: Your target audience is who they are because you share an interest, so relevance means picking something that is relevant to you and the recipient. People read in bed, and they also make their bed a comfortable space (e.g., kids often have sheets with their favorite cartoon personalities). Harry and the Potters and their fans both share a love of the Harry Potter books, so choosing a pillowcase actually creates an environment of relevance: being in bed with my Harry and the Potters pillowcase, reading a Harry Potter book and listening to their cd.

Novelty: By novelty I primarily mean newness, freshness or uniqueness, but weirdness or other notions of novelty work fine, too. The primary principle is that if I’ve been to a million rock shows (and I have), seeing a unique item is going to have a bigger impact on me than seeing a cd or t-shirt. If you’ve walked a trade show, you know what I’m talking about.

Kudos once again for some great, creative promos, and go see them play.

hp-pillow small

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