Promotional Products Get Fans Geared Up For Movie Release

movie marketing

Are you pumped about the opening of The Dark Knight Rises? We are, too. And we love how promotional products are being used to generate excitement for the film.

Here’s the scoop: Mountain Dew teamed up with the movie to create DewGothamCity, an online experience where Batman fans can score loads of promotional products. They first collect codes from Mountain Dew packs, earning them points to cash in on Gotham City promotional items.

Consumers can snag promotional products such as custom t-shirts, promotional belt buckles, custom watches, custom hoodies and promotional tablet skins. Each promotional item is limited edition, giving it an exclusive feel.

This campaign has great interactive elements, too. Consumers can upload their mug shot at the Gotham City Police Department, earning them a badge to become a Gothamite. They can pick up a virtual issue of The Gotham City Observer at the Gotham City convenience store or even head to the Bat Cave to see excerpts of the film before it opens.

This campaign has it all: excitement, intrigue, exclusivity and some really great promotional products.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional products can add a whole new dimension to your company’s event—whether it’s a grand opening or a tradeshow. Make it exciting by using promotional products to build suspense and keep your audience engaged.

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