Promotional T-Shirts Star In Album Pre-Release

Matisyahu delivers more than reggae fusion tracks for his fans—he also kicks in promotional t-shirts.

His new album, “Spark Seeker,” is available next month, and to drive pre-orders, Matisyahu is using promotional t-shirts as part of a collector’s edition package. The promotional t-shirts are packaged with a collector’s edition photo book, hand-signed graffiti lithographs and a limited edition gatefold double vinyl.

promotional t-shirt

Matisyahu’s fans would likely snag the new album eventually, but by using promotional t-shirts, Matisyahu is creating an unmistakable buzz.

Promo know-how tip: Make like Matisyahu and use promotional t-shirts as part of a combo package. You could tuck a promotional t-shirt inside a logo sport bottle, for example, or place a promotional t-shirt inside a custom bag.

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  1. Pia Kreisman

    I think that promotional shirts really gain more attention from the fans. It makes the fans feel that they are closer to their idol by just wearing the shirt and it gives their idol the impression that they are really loyal and dedicated fans 🙂