Promotional T-Shirts Star In Album Pre-Release

Matisyahu delivers more than reggae fusion tracks for his fans—he also kicks in promotional t-shirts.

His new album, “Spark Seeker,” is available next month, and to drive pre-orders, Matisyahu is using promotional t-shirts as part of a collector’s edition package. The promotional t-shirts are packaged with a collector’s edition photo book, hand-signed graffiti lithographs and a limited edition gatefold double vinyl.

promotional t-shirt

Matisyahu’s fans would likely snag the new album eventually, but by using promotional t-shirts, Matisyahu is creating an unmistakable buzz.

Promo know-how tip: Make like Matisyahu and use promotional t-shirts as part of a combo package. You could tuck a promotional t-shirt inside a logo sport bottle, for example, or place a promotional t-shirt inside a custom bag.

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