When Being a Fan Means Forever

This actually isn’t he first crazy casket we’ve featured, but it may be the coolest. Or even the cooler-est:

The “KISSョ Kasket” is completely covered with a specially laminated photomural that features the KISSョ logo and the images of the band members. The words “KISSョ Forever” are imprinted on the side of the casket. In addition, “KISSョ Kasket” can also be used as a Giant KISSョ Cooler, enabling fans and their friends to enjoy ice-cold sodas and beer served directly from the ice-filled, completely waterproof “KISSョ Kasket.” The “KISSョ Kasket.” is autographed and signed.

According to Gene Simmons: “This is the ultimate KISSョ collectible. I love livin’, but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good.”

kiss kasket

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