Wizards Rock the Promo Toothbrush

This is the second part of my analysis of Harry and the Potters merch, if you haven’t read it, check out Merch Done Right. Years before I worked in the promotional products industry, my band actually had toothbrushes with our web site on them. It was our bass player’s idea. I was glad to see Harry and the Potters promoting dental health with their “Harry and the Potters rock the plaque off!” custom toothbrushes.

I also wanted to point out that by having inexpensive items, like these buttons and toothbrushes, Harry and the Potters have giveaways that may drive sales (“They were nice enough to give me a button, I’ll buy their cd.”), or generate brand loyalty (If you think of a band as a business, the goal is to attract and retain customers, or grow a fanbase.) that will drive future sales. They’re also recognizing, and catering to, a tier of the audience that paid to see them perform, but wasn’t ready yet, or didn’t have the cash, to buy a cd or t-shirt. Pretty savvy, eh? They are wizards, you know. Harry and the Potters current tour dates here.

harry-potters toothbrush

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